A Twist on Chocolate

A Twist on Chocolate - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Sweet and deliciously irresistible, Gourmand fragrances are designed to smell dessert-like or edible. Inspired by delights such as sweet marshmallow, a dash of Licorice, creamy caramel, sticky toffee apples, sugary cupcakes, sweet Paraline, fragrant coffee and of course dreamy chocolate.

Gourmand fragrances are a relatively new category with scents that are delicious and wear nicely in the cooler seasons. Sweet, rich, and liked by many individuals of all ages which makes them a great choice for gift ideas.

Gourmand notes were pioneered in 1992 by Thierry Mugler’s Angel, the first fine fragrance to contain chocolate and caramel notes. Its success has captured the market and started a trend that has influenced fragrances in almost every fragrance family.

If you're still yet to discover a Gourmand fragrance, here are some recommendations with a Chocolaty Twist…

Vera Wang’s mouth-watering Floral Oriental fragrance ‘Princess’ has gorgeous notes of exotic Guava, Apple, Waterlily, Vanilla and a touch of dark Chocolate to make you feel like you were born to rule!

Ck One Shock for Her is an edgy, sexy Gourmand with a heart of feminine Jasmine, Blackberry and dark Cocoa and a sensual base of Amber, Vanilla and Musk.

Valentino Uomo is a refined fragrance that is a contemporary ode to classic Italian style. Uomo is a Dry Woods fragrance with the crisp freshness of Bergamot and Myrtle, diffused with uplifting Iris, coffee and Crema di Gianduia Accord (sweet chocolate spread). This distinguished scent is then warmed with white leather and Virginian Cedarwood.

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