Add a little Drama to your Eyes!

Add a little Drama to your Eyes!

Here at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct Grafton, we love enhancing our own personal style with ARDELL'S amazing range of faux Lashes.

ARDELL has become the world’s leading brand in faux eyelashes. So if you’re worried about finding a faux lash brand that you can trust for quality lashes, we think you should look no further than ARDELL. ARDELL was created by Arnold and Sydell Miller. You can see the combination of their first names creates the brand name (what a cute personal touch). American International Industries (A.I.I.) purchased Ardell in 1980 and has built it into the world’s largest selection of easy to use, premium, quality faux eyelashes, brow cosmetics and accessories. These lashes are ultra-light, easy to apply and remove and the innovative adhesive guarantees lash security while protecting your own lashes and eyes. This is what we ladies want and need in a faux lash.

A favourite of ours is the Accent Natural Lash range. This range is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes. These lashes will compliment any make-up look you're wearing. In our fast paced lives using the ARDELL Deluxe Lash Applicator makes applying your lashes a breeze and allows you to get that total look in minutes.

Along with adding DRAMA to your eyes, lashes are a great way to express your personality and have a bit of fun. For a more dramatic eye be it night or day we choose lashes from the Fashion Lashes range. Pair your lashes with black eye-liner to blend your strip lashes with your natural lash line and you'll have a seamless look.

For the ultimate alluring eyes, turn to Ardell eyelashes. The compliments and confidence will amaze you.