Beauty Basics: Brows

Beauty Basics: Brows - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Having the correct brow shape can lift, brighten and slim your face. Brows beautifully frame the face, so it is important to not over-taper and never shave your eye brows... ever. Eye brows dramatically change your appearance and can draw instant attention, sometimes for the wrong reasons. A key to gorgeous brows is to always follow your natural arch and just tidy stray hairs with tweezers in order to look feminine and glamorous. Avoid looking perpetually surprised by not shaping your eye brows in a rounded manner.

The tools necessary for beautiful brows are an eyebrow brush, tweezers and a brow pencil or powder. A common beauty blunder is to apply your eye brow pencil or powder too harshly, resulting in an unnatural brow line, so, be gentle when applying these products. When maintaining your brows you can identify what hair needs trimming by brushing your brows upwards and carefully trimming the hairs that fall outside of your brow line.

Whenever you tidy your brows take things slowly and always remember, when in doubt opt for a natural look.

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