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If you don’t have serums in your skincare routine, chances are you might not be doing skincare right. Serums are bombs of vitamins and hydration that do wonders for your skin and are a crucial part of any skincare routine.  Serums have light oil or water-based liquid formulas that are easily absorbed into your skin, along with the additives they contain. This makes serums a perfect and easy to use solution to many skin ailments, a popular addition to many people’s skincare routines. They are not moisturisers, though very often have moisturising properties. Serums are already skin superfoods, but Boost Lab has upped the serum game to a whole new level with their range. 

Boost Lab is an Australian company, with all products made in Australia and New Zealand. Their serums are developed by experienced formulation chemists, and none contain sulphates, parabens or fragrances to reduce skin irritation. This brand is cruelty-free and is dedicated to moving toward net-zero and clean and sustainable science. Boost Lab has also partnered with ‘i=change’ to donate $1 of every sale to charity, with their current focus on mental health, reef restoration and providing safe housing for homeless women and their children. Even their packaging is environmentally friendly! 


Boost Lab currently has seven different serums, all the serums are dermatologically tested and, of course, cruelty-free. The first is their hydration boost. Hydration is a common skin concern, and Boost Lab addressed it with their gold standard Hydro Boost serum. This serum fights roughness, dullness, and irritation from dry skin by forming a transparent barrier on your skin to lock in moisture, strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier to soothe skin and reduce sensitivity. Rich with hydrolysed hyaluronic acid and pro-Vitamin B5 for deep hydrating, this serum also features pentylene glycol to improve skin texture for a well-rounded product that keeps your skin happy and healthy all day long.  

For another boost of vitamins to your skin, there is the Brightening serum, which helps even your tone and makes your complexion shine with the combined benefits of vitamins C and B3. This award-winning super-boost of Vitamin C is designed to quickly penetrate your skin to protect, support the natural production of collagen and provide long-lasting hydration. It also features vitamin E to antioxidize and moisturize, and bisabolol (derived from plants such as chamomile) to soothe.  

For fixing problem skin, the Blemish Rescue serums will be your lifeline. Rich in B3, this oil-free serum helps reduce acne, enlarged pores, blemishes, redness and oiliness. This serum also acts as a breathable shield to protect your skin from pollution, keeping more blemishes from developing. To create this breathable protection, this serum features pollustop, as well as moisturizing niacinamide and cleansing zinc-PCA. A perfect remedy to most skin issues, this truly is a blemish rescue.

The anti-aging serum helps to control multiple signs of aging, including fine lines, crows-feet and dehydration. This oil-free serum features multiple peptides (amino acids that act as building blocks of protein) to improve your skin’s firmness and provides deep and long-term hydration. This serum also has Pollustop to create a transparent barrier against pollutants, Argireline to reduce wrinkles, and natural plant sugars for natural smoother skin. Despite the name, this serum is also perfect for those with dry and stressed skin, not just aging skin.

To keep your skin looking firm and youthful, taking care of the fragile skin under your eyes is essential. Luckily, Boost Lab’s Eye Reset serum is the secret to bright eyes. The delicate skin under your eyes is sensitive and easily irritated, especially when busy schedules get in the way of your sleep. This serum fights the signs of fatigue and aging with blends of syn-eye, sepitonic and eyeliss for a formula that reduces wrinkles, helps protects skin from oxidative stress, minimizes puffiness and soothes skin.

Now, let’s focus on night-time routines with Boost Lab’s night serum. Rather than the other serums, which can be used twice daily, the Night Renewal serum is recommended for nighttime use only. This night serum is a hydration formula, designed to reduce the damage that causes wrinkles, dry skin, loss of firmness and elasticity, and uneven pigmentation. It features organic aloe vera for moisture, bisabolol for soothing, and retinol and retinoid to firm skin and reduces wrinkles.

Finally, there is the exfoliating Resurfacing serum for glowing skin. Exfoliating helps your skin feel fresh, smooth, and clean, and the added ingredient in this serum means you can exfoliate without irritation. This serum has a gentle exfoliating quality to support the natural cycle of skin-cell turnover using lactic acid to exfoliate without irritation, with aloe vera, bisabolol and manuka honey to soothe. This serum is also intended for use once daily.  

Best combos for your concerns: 

Boost Lab serums can also be combined for complete care and targeted fixes. As stated, hydration is a common skincare concern. The Hydro-Boost serum is a fantastic way to rehydrate your skin, bursting with vitamins and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. However, hydration doesn’t just come from Hydro Boost. The Brightening Serum works wonderfully with the Hydro Boost, with the protection that this serum provides furth boosts hydration by locking in moisture. It also reduces skin dullness, a key sign of dehydration. Its quick penetration can also help with the effectiveness of other serums. For a finishing touch, you can combine these with the Night Renewal serum for extra burst moisture. It also helps with other dry skin maladies, including wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven tone.  

Uneven tone is a personal concern for me, and one that I focused on when Boost Lab came in. The Brightening serum is designed specifically to smooth uneven skin tone and combined with the Resurfacing and Hydro Boost it is the perfect combo. While the Brightening serum balances your skin with hydration and vitamins C and B3, the exfoliating Resurfacing serum deep cleans and removes oiliness for an even tone, and the Hydro Boost rebalances moisture after exfoliation.  

If enlarged pores are your skincare concern, the Blemish Rescue serum is the go-to. This serum will help minimise pores while addressing issues that usually accompany large pores, such as acne and oiliness. For enlarged pores, combining the Blemish Rescue with the Resurfacing and Hydro Boost gives you complete care. As above, the Resurfacing serum helps to clean and rejuvenate skin to avoid further problems, while the hydrating serum helps to restore your skin afterwards. 

For wrinkle reduction, the recommended combo would be the Anti-Ageing, Night-time Renewal and Eye Reset Serums. These serums focus on reducing fine lines and plumping the skin, with added moisturization from the Night-time Renewal, Eye Reset for delicate under eyes, and general smoothing from the Anti-Aging serum.  

Serums are a crucial part of an effective skincare routine, and Boost Lab serums take it a step further. Their products burst with different vitamins and additives to target specific problems while giving general care. By themselves or as part of a combo, these serums have what you need to get your skin exactly how you want. 

Written by Miranda