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This week I'm putting the spotlight on one of my all-time favourite brands, Calvin Klein. This label was launched in 1968 and specialises in clothing, fragrance, watches, lingerie and jewellery. Calvin Klein's area of expertise is elegant designs that ooze simplistic beauty and effortless class.

The wearability and modern sophistication of CK's fragrances makes them a standout choice for an everyday signature scent. Perfumes such as CK One and Euphoria are a staple in any perfume junkie's collection and Euphoria is a personal favourite of mine. This alluring fragrance has a delicious blend of fruits and floral notes with a creamy vanilla base.

CK was the first to release unisex fragrance, entitled, CK One. This extremely successful fragrance was initially promoted by Hollywood star Brooke Shields. In the advertisement, the stunning starlet donned a pair of Calvin Klein jeans which helped make both the labels' jeans and fragrance highly sought after.

Calvin Klein are masters of clean, summery and understated scents, a god-send in our hot Australian climate. Just one spritz of a CK fragrance will refresh and invigorate!

Calvin Klein fragrances have proved to be immensely popular as they exemplify modern class through their timelessness.

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