Current Trend: Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup

Current Trend: Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

As an avid reader, makeup lover and die-hard fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, I have been thrilled with the latest makeup trend that brings the roaring 20s into the present day. Jump on board and be inspired by this magical period in history that was characterised by overflowing opulence and elegance.

In the 1920s smokey eyes were popular and the character of Jordan Baker wears this look in the new Baz Luhrmann film. For blondes or redheads, try a light, smokey grey look. Brunettes or those with black tresses turn up the heat with a dark grey smokey lid. Blending is absolutely key when creating a smokey eye, so make sure you have a blending brush in your kit! If you're not a fan of dark eyes, try a gorgeous turquoise hue. Today we are lucky enough to have access to mascara which seamlessly adds extra definition to our eyes, but, in the 1920s petroleum jelly mixed with soot was all that was available. So unless you want to maintain true to the era, whip out your mascara and apply liberally from the root for intense lashes. Make your eyebrows arched and extend them past their natural length for an instant throw back to the 20s.

In regards to lips, exaggerate your cupid's bow to add even more glam to the overall look. A deep, dark, burgundy lip is essential for this 20s party look.

As a final touch, no 1920s look is complete without a cute flapper style head piece. Enjoy the new film!

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