Father's Day

Father's Day - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Classic fragrances with strong characteristic notes of Patchouli, Leather and Oakmoss are distinctive scents that Fathers during the 80’s will remember. Drakkar Noir and Azzaro Pour Homme are perfect compliments and have great silage to create a lasting impression on his skin and toward others.

Fathers during the 90’s became accustomed to softer fragrances that didn’t tend to carry seductive woody notes. Instead, stand out fragrances of the 90’s featured soft florals accompanied by subtle fruit and citrus notes or fragrances characterised by delicate spices. Calvin Klein’s Eternity and Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium Pour Homme are clear stand outs.

Fathers during the naughties (00’s) have been exposed to a mix of different signature scents. Some began to revisit classical fragrances that contain a key note. The introduction of Dolce & Gabbanna’s The One Gentlemen and its smooth Black Pepper, creates a real masculinity and harks upon signature classical notes. Whilst others are continuing to grow fond of subtlety behind their scents, the creation of oceanic fragrances in the last 20 years has introduced fragrances that share subtle floral and water notes. Signature oceanic fragrances for Dad include Bvlgari’s Aqva Marine and Calvin Klein’s CK One.

Just a few ideas to help spoil your Dad, don’t forget though to give him lots of TLC to finish off his day!

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