Father’s Day Finds

Father’s Day Finds

Finding the perfect gift is incredibly difficult. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or Christmas, showing someone that you care and want to find something they would like through a thoughtful gift takes a lot of effort, and is a hole that a fragrance can often fill. Father’s Day is no different, you must frantically search for old favourites to refresh or new chances for a perfect gift. If Dad doesn’t have a favourite to fall back on, that’s okay: we have a selection of easy finds to save your skin for Father’s Day.

For a dad that likes how he smells, we have the L’Oreal Men’s Expert kits. Our most popular of these kits are the Sensitive Skincare set and the Stressed-Out kit. The Sensitive Skin kit is what it suggests on the box- a 3-piece kit with products for sensitive skin, held in a sleek black toiletries bag. This set contains a hydrating shower gel, soothing daily face wash, and a hydrating facial moisturizer. These products are hydrating and include Birch Sap, which has soothing properties that reduce redness and tightens skin. The Stressed-Out kit is for a dad that is a little bit busy and tense. This set contains a 300ml shower gel, 250ml spray deodorant and a 50ml vita lift facial moisturizer, as well as a 500ml black water bottle. These products are formulated to reduce stress and muscle tension. Both Men Expert sets are complete body care kits so that your dad doesn’t have to fuss- it is not just a gift of skincare, but of time-saving ease.

For fragrances, there are several great options for dad this Father’s Day, including the Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him giftset. This Is Him is intricate and deep, for dads who like something a bit different. The perfume has top notes of black pepper and bitter-fresh grapefruit, a juxtaposing spice and citrus. The middle notes are of vanilla and smoky incense, and the base notes are sandalwood. It is a unique fragrance- warm, spicy and woody from the deep notes of sandalwood, pepper and incense, but also has smoky, powdery and vanilla tones. This fragrance, although strong with wood and spices, is not overpowering, but rather subtle and calming with a mysterious touch. This gift set features a 50ml bottle of fragrance, and two 50ml bottles of shower gel, all in a black and bright yellow tin.

For a perfume that is lighter and fresher, there is the Azzaro Chrome Pure giftset. This perfume is a citrus burst followed by woody and aquatic notes that adds a pure electric spark to your day. The fragrance opens with top notes of fruity-citrus mandarin and bergamot, followed by middle notes of water notes, orange blossom and peppery akigalawood, with base notes of tonka bean, mate (a bitter-tea scent), white musk and cedar for depth. Even with the deeper base notes, this perfume is remarkably fresh and citrus, slightly woody with hints of sweetness and florals. While this fragrance is available in a 100ml bottle, we currently have a special offer that sees the giftset available for the same fantastic price. This gift set features a 100ml fragrance and a 100ml aftershave lotion in the same scent so that dad can layer his fragrance so that they last longer. Inspired by the bond between father and son, this is a fantastic present for Father’s Day.

A popular brand that dad is bound to know is Hugo Boss with a huge range of fragrances for your dad’s taste. This starts with the classic Boss The Scent, a leathery scent that is warm and spicy with hints of citrus and herbal lavender. The fragrance opens with ginger, mandarin, and bergamot, followed by middle notes of lavender and Maninka with strong base notes of leather and woods. If this is still not woody and smoky enough for dad, then there is the Boss Bottled Oud. Although this fragrance opens with apple and citrus notes with middle notes of cinnamon and clove with saffron and labdanum, it is the base notes of Oud and sandalwood that stand out. While there are touches of freshness, this fragrance is deep and heavy, smoky with oud and the spices from the middle notes. But if dad doesn’t like something too strong, Boss has perfumes for him as well. Boss’ Hugo Man is an aromatic fragrance with a woody aroma, with a top note of green apple, middle note of lavender, and base notes of woods, pine and balsam fir. This fragrance is lighter than the other Boss fragrances while still being long lasting, making sure dad has a perfume that lasts all through the day.

The closing classics for this list are from Calvin Klein for a simple but iconic dad scent. Calvin Klein has a wide range of iconic fragrances that would be great for Father’s Day, from the ever-popular lemon-fresh One and aromatic Eternity, but it’s the deeper scents that may interest you for Father’s Day. The first that comes to mind is men’s Euphoria Intense, which smells something like a woodshop might- a fragrance brimming with notes of woods, amber and gentle warm-spice. The opening notes of ginger and pepper add spice to the fragrance, followed by gentle middle notes of herby basil and sage, as well as woody notes of cedar and vetiver. This woodiness is continued in the strong base notes of oud, balsamic myrrh and amber, as well as patchouli and Labdanum for a touch of freshness. While it has some oriental notes in the base, this is a firmly woody fragrance.

If dad might want something a little more oriental and spicy, there is Obsession for Men, another timeless fragrance from CK. Obsession is that classic sort of dad smell- spicy, strong, and soothing. This is a layered fragrance with over 20 different fragrance notes. The strongest notes are cinnamon from the top, myrrh, nutmeg, and carnation flower from the middle notes, and base notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla for a touch of sweetness. These are complemented by other woody notes and citruses, florals, and herbs, creating a strong fragrance that is not overpowering.

Finding a gift can be hard, that is undeniable, but these perfumes and kits can help make it easy. If the scents featured on this list, from fresh and vibrant to spiced and deep, don’t suit your dad, our easy-to-navigate website has detailed descriptions of each fragrance to make finding a gift easy.

Written by Miranda