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At Cosmetics Fragrance Direct we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of luxury products to suit the needs of everyone. This is why we are so pleased to be able to provide our customers with a range of brands that boast fair-trade, ethical and sustainable practices - allowing you to experience a feel-good, guilt free shopping experience!

Leading the way in sustainable fragrance is one of the world's most loved designer brands, DKNY. A forward-thinking company since 1989, Donna Karen has recently added fair-trade and sustainability to her fragrance repertoire through the launch the Pure DKNY fragrance selection. Available in three alluring scents: 'a drop of vanilla', 'a drop of verbena' and 'a drop of rose', these delightful fragrances are defined by blends of captivating floral notes and earthy undertones. Each scent exudes its own personality whilst epitomising values of purity, simplicity and gracefulness.

Partnering with global humanitarian organisation CARE International, Pure DKNY masterfully created the fragrance line with ingredients harvested from natural environments in Uganda, Toga and Turkey. The production process provides employment opportunities to people living in these communities and the fragrance bottle and packaging is sustainably-produced and 100% recyclable. So no matter which of the three delightful fragrances you choose, you can rest assured that your Pure DKNY perfume will leave you feeling fabulous both inside and out.

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