How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Fragrances last longer on different people due to the differences in skin type and the skin's pH levels. Fragrances are generally better preserved on oilier skin so if you have dry skin, you may find that applying a small amount of moisturiser before application will help to hold your fragrance. You can also help extend your fragrance by practicing layering. Using a moisturiser or bath gel of the matching scent before applying your fragrance will provide a longer lasting effect.

Our sense of smell shuts off after a few minutes and although we don’t notice our fragrance after a short while, it is still there. We can’t move away from the fragrance, therefore we become used to it. It may seem to us that the fragrance has disappeared, however not to other people. “How often have you received a compliment on your perfume yet you can no longer spell it yourself?”

If your skin is too acidic, a fragrance won’t last as long. Fragrance layering is a great method to overcome this.

The oil in your skin helps dissolve and retain the scent molecules in a fragrance. Therefore, the oilier the skin the longer a fragrance will last. There are many reasons for dry skin although if you moisturise or fragrance layer, you will ensure your fragrance lasts much longer.

Don’t forget to spritz your pulse points and mist the small of your back which makes for a gorgeous diffusive effect when combined with your body heat.

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