Making the Most of Your Fragrance

Making the Most of Your Fragrance

There’s no doubt about it, perfume is a luxury item. The elaborate bottles encasing carefully layered, delicate notes just waiting to be spritzed onto your skin themselves are things of beauty, let alone the romance of scent memories the composition can evoke for the wearer.

In order to help you make the most of your favourite fragrance, we’ve compiled some do’s and don’ts to keep your collection in top shape and you smelling good, for longer.

Do carry an atomiser. Whether you dropped it accidentally or the bottle met its untimely end in a suitcase on the trip of a lifetime, we’ve all experienced the heartbreak a broken bottle of perfume can bring. Eliminate risk by filling a Cosmetics Fragrance Direct atomiser with your favourite scent. Perfect for travel or the handbag, atomisers are quick and easy to fill and the best part is your perfume is on hand for touch ups.

It’s a popular storage option but don’t keep perfume in the bathroom. The warm, moist air and fluctuating temperatures from hot showers can damage perfumes and you might start to notice a difference in the fragrance notes. Perfumes are also best stored out of direct sunlight.

Do use complimentary body products. Moisturised skin holds fragrance for longer than dry skin, so don’t discard the body products that came with your fragrance. If you want your scent to last throughout the day, aim your spray on points like the back of the neck and knees as these areas give off heat and the warmth generated will aid the diffusion of fragrance. Finally, spritz some fragrance in your hair, natural oils trap the fragrance and as your hair moves, the scent will diffuse leaving an irresistible trail of perfume in your wake.