Man Care Revamped!

Man Care Revamped! - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

As a man, most of us feel we can sometimes be too busy to put that extra bit of time and effort into our morning routine. We’re busy creatures, rolling from bed to the shower, then to the dining table for breakfast and then out the door straight to work. So it’s important that everything we do is time based and has a quick fix solution.

In saying this I have a few quick solutions to address our lack of man care. As we hop into the shower I suggest that we multi-task our clean up, whilst you shampoo your hair, let it rest and use the great L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Cleansing Gel. Its ice effect is a great kick start and certainly wakes up not only your skin but also you! A quick application and rinse will seal the deal and it even prepares your skin before a shave.

Following a cleanse its always great to moisture your skin. Coming from experience, a lack of hydration and being too busy can visibly affect your appearance. A great product to live by is the Clarins Men’s Gel Hydrant Moisture Gel. Taking just these two extra steps in the morning gives a fresh overall appearance.

Now that you're out of the bathroom I’m guessing you'll run straight for a deodorant, great! However most of us like to keep that supreme clean feel and smell good all day. A good alternative is an antiperspirant or if you prefer, a roll on or even a fragrance deodorant stick, make sure to opt for a product without an overpowering scent. Don't forget to splash on your favourite fragrance too, aim for your pulse points, wrists and neck. It’s always suggested to keep an atomiser of your fragrance with you to help freshen yourself up before you come back from lunch or even before a big meeting with the boss!

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