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I’ve had my fair share of skin troubles; dry patches, oily t-zones and bursts of break-outs that come and go with the season. The different concoctions of skincare over the years could sometimes leave my skin feeling attacked and irritated, and in need of something to help heal it. For skin that is struggling, as mine was, the L’Oreal Clay Masks might do the trick in healing your skin.

We currently have four, each with different ingredients and benefits for different skin types. Each clay mask has the same base formulation of three pure clays: the first is Montmorillonite, which rich in minerals, reducing imperfections by purifying and re-balancing the skin. The remaining two are Kaolin, which is highly concentrated to help purify skin affected by daily pollutants, Ghassoul, a pure clay able to absorb impurities and oils without irritating your skin. These big words are basically to say that there are three different types of pure clay in these masks that each help to keep your skin clean, soft, and well-nourished. Each mask is dermatologically tested, but as always, I suggest doing a patch test to double-check for irritation before fully applying. While different masks can be used at different frequencies, I generally suggest about once a week, so that your skin doesn’t get too overwhelmed and so that your bottle lasts a bit longer.

The Detoxifying and Brightening mask is dark in colour, very obviously the effect of the charcoal it contains. Activated charcoal has recently become a trend in mainstream skincare, though it has been used as toothpaste and other care items since ancient times. Charcoal is a very textured, porous material, meaning things ‘stick’ to charcoal easily. This is why it is the star ingredient of this mask- it helps to clear and cleanse the skin of blemishes, brightening the complexion. Charcoal is also hypo-allergenic, meaning you are unlikely to react to it. It is not the only ingredient in the mask, however, so as always make sure to check before applying.

The bright colour of the exfoliating and smoothing clay mask comes from the red algae it contains, which helps to gently exfoliate skin and refine pores. This mask also contains finely milled apricot seeds to give the mask a beaded texture that helps with the exfoliation. As with any exfoliating skin product, be sure to be gentle; I would not suggest this for sensitive skin, and would also leave this for once every 2 weeks just to be safe. That being said, the nourishing clays of the mask keep the skin from becoming dried out.

A nice Australiana addition to the collection is the Eucalyptus mask in a lovely soft green colour, looking as soothing as it is. This a gentle mask that purifies and mattifies the skin, and is great for those with oily skin and breakouts. While I find the scent of Eucalyptus too strong, the fragrance of this would be great for those who enjoy essential oils and spa treatments, and it does help to clear your sinuses. Being a soothing mask, it can also be used more often than the red algae and charcoal masks, up to three times a week, leaving on for about 10-15 minutes.

Visually, the Mallow Flower clay mask is the cutest, with a soft pink-purple colour that reflects its floral twist. The name of this game is soothing; the mallow flower extract is known by dermatologists for its soothing properties, and with the three purifying clays, this mask is a lovely, cooling way to re-hydrate your skin. This mask is great for those with sensitive skin and has the bonus of being hypoallergenic.

Everyone’s skin needs something a little different. I know that while the addition of masks to my weekly skincare helped improve my skin’s texture and health, I still needed it in conjunction with other skincare products. That being said, that health and hydration were worth the added steps, and the 10-15 minutes needed for the mask to set felt like a great chunk of luxurious ‘me time.’ The

L’Oreal clay masks are nourishing and lush, perfect for fixing your skin and fixing some time in your schedule just for you.

Written by Emilia

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