Proud to be Australian !

Proud to be Australian ! - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

You may have seen our email this morning with all of the amazing Australian Made products we have on our online store. This got me to thinking……

how wonderful it is to have so many brilliant Australian owned companies like Cosmetics Fragrance Direct.

Just last week I met with Natalie Bloom who created Melbourne based company Bloom Cosmetics. Today, Bloom is an international brand loved by women across the world. We are proud to be working with Natalie’s brand amongst our many brands. We’d love you to get to know more about them

Another fabulous Australian brand which we love being involved with is globally recognised MOR. MOR is the creative expression of Australian designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon St Mor. The pair aim for people to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and we all love a little pampering don’t we !

As Australians we have a lot to be proud of - champion athletes, stunning landscapes, a friendly easy going culture and we even have the ‘Princess of Pop’. Yes, the pint sized performer, television, film and music star Kylie Minogue is indeed a national treasure, and she has put her name to a lovely fragrance ‘darling’.

Australian brands around the globe are respected and highly esteemed which is why these and many more businesses have been embraced internationally and seen exciting growth and recognition.

For me this is beauty heaven down under!

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