Q&A with Linda Kachel

Q&A with Linda Kachel - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

I had the pleasure of chatting to Linda Kachel, the manager of the Brisbane city store. Linda exudes an infectious enthusiasm for the beauty industry and makes each customer feel special.

How long have you been with the company?

On the 30th of September marked my ninth year with the company.

What do you love about Cosmetics Fragrance Direct?

In the nine years I have been here I have seen the company grow. We carry genuine products from genuine buyers and the pricing that we get is amazing. I feel confident telling our customers that we are only buying genuine products through Australian agents as opposed to a lot of our competition.

What's your favourite fragrance?

At the moment it is See by Chloe. I just love it! Every time I wear it I receive compliments and I think that's the sign of a really good fragrance. I do tend to go for Floral Oriental fragrances, like See. It also features my favourite base note, Sandalwood.

In regards to makeup, what's your go to look for Spring?

I tend to go for a bright lip in Spring and I'm excited to experiment with coral shades.

What's a product you can't live without?

My Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream. I use that for basically everything. If around my eyes is feeling a little dry I dab a bit on to help soften the area. I use it for dryness, as a cuticle cream and as a lip balm. I also love the story that's behind it as well.

Talk me through your daily skin care routine.

I do cleanse and tone twice a day, in the morning and at night. Then, I use Beauty Flash Balm under my makeup of a morning as a primer. At night I use a fairly intense night cream. There are a few products that I enjoy using, one is Good Night's Sleep by Elizabeth Arden and I use a nice eye cream as well.

Share with us your tips of the trade.

Over the years I have picked up quite a few little tips from being in the industry. If you are using an atomiser, to get rid of the previous fragrance, rinse it out with cold tea. Also, use an atomiser as a spritzer for a toner.

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