Should I change my fragrance with the Season?

Should I change my fragrance with the Season? - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Summer is winding down for another year and before we know it we'll be reaching for the winter woolies! You may have noticed that you developed a favourite fragrance over the warmer months, but as the temperature drops does that mean you have to drop your preferred perfume as well?

I've noticed that over summer I've been spritzing Calvin Klein's Sheer Beauty. It is a fruity and crisp concoction filled with bergamot, red berries with a gorgeous heart of peony, pink lily and jasmine. To my nose, this fragrance epitomises summer. It's elegant yet has a playful charm, thanks to its fruitiness. In summer, crisp, light fragrances are always my first choice as they have the ability to refresh but are also understated, making them a cinch to wear.

Wearing a heavy fragrance filled with spicy notes or woody accents may not be the most comfortable in summer as heat intensifies the smell of a perfume. If you apply a strong, heady fragrance you may find it to be too overwhelming when the mercury rises.

To all you lovers of intoxicating, full-bodied aromas do not fret, they certainly have their place. When the chilly weather sets in, turn to a rich floral oriental fragrance, like The One by Dolce and Gabanna. For me, this fragrance was love at first smell. It's an exceptionally lavish fragrance that combines amber, vanilla and musk which absolutely radiates glamour.

A perfect perfume should make you feel confident and suit both the occasion and the season. If you feel that your current fragrance is best suited to long, hot days it may be time to find a new, deluxe fragrance that will emit warmth and exude class.

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