Silly Season Saviours

Silly Season Saviours - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

It’s nice to treat someone to something they wouldn’t normally buy...

Throughout the year you’ve undoubtedly been watching your relatives, sneakily taking notes ready to spoil them with presents for Christmas however along with the silly season comes other present requirements. Buying secret Santas, school teacher or employee gifts can cause headaches. Because they’re not for loved ones, it is hard to know what to get. Whoever the recipient, you’re covered with our stores overflowing with gift ideas.

Kris Kringle style giving is no excuse to offload unwanted presents you’ve previously received. It’s nice to treat someone to something they wouldn’t normally buy and the Sugar Baby Pedicure pack is a thoughtful gift that encourages anyone to take some pamper time out.

Amongst the chocolates teachers normally receive, your child will stand out if you shop smart from the range of high end brands we carry at affordable prices. Products from Ecoya are instantly recognisable as high quality and renowned for their gorgeous scents. An inexpensive gift option for employees is the MOR Hand Bliss Trio, break them up and you have three gifts for the price of one!

We’ve taken the hassle out of buying smaller gifts so you can get started on your Christmas shopping today!

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