Skincare Must-Haves for Men

Skincare Must-Haves for Men

Most skincare is designed with women in mind. Ads of glamourous actresses and feminine models cover billboards and play on our TVs, and I think it’s all a bit unfair. Skin concerns are not solely the domain of women, after all: men have their share of skin woes to contend with. With this in mind, I have created a list of male-focused skincare products, so that our gentleman readers feel welcome to explore their skin concerns.

We start this list with products from Intesa. Intesa is an Italian brand that creates great masculine and unisex body care products. Intesa itself means understandingin English, and this company certainly understands their market. Their packaging is simple, and their products are easy-to-use and effective. No extra fuss, no extra cost, just affordable and simple skincare with men in mind.

We start with exfoliation and cleansing with their Carbon Power Deep Cleanser. As the name suggests, this face wash is deeply cleansing and rejuvenating. This formula contains iris and zinc salt to clean and reduce the appearance of pores, carbon dust and pumice to exfoliate, and apple and bisabolol extracts to soften ad hydrate skin. Use sparingly and be sure to moisturise after use to return your skin’s moisture.

For more oily skin, there is Volcanic Mud Oil Control face wash. This product focuses on oil control through its use of volcanic mud: the mud absorbs the oils, reducing shine and greasiness. Volcanic mud is also rich in vitamins, giving your skin an extra boost. This wash also uses carbon dust and pumice to remove dead skin and promote cell renewal, as well as apple and bisabolol, to moisturise and soothe, helping to create lasting protection against oiliness. This product is demagogically tested and soap-free, but mud can be agitating for those with sensitive skin, so be sure this product is for you.

Cleaners and washes improve your skin’s health but can reduce your skin’s moisture. To rehydrate your skin and avoid general dryness, try Intesa’s Revitalizing Cream. This cream brings your skin back to a natural balance and contains retinol for a lifting effect that helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for visibly younger-looking skin. It is also dermatologically tested, alcohol-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Easy to use and creating fantastic results, Intesa’s revitalizing cream is a simple go-to for your dry skin issues.

Intesa offers men’s skincare that is not only rejuvenating but also protective and preventative. Shaving is one of the biggest stressors on men’s skin, but the Moisturising Shaving Foam helps to prevent skin from becoming sore and abused. This foam features vitamin-rich avocado oil to smooth, hydrate and prevent inflammation, as well as panthenol for an intensive moisture surge whilst also calming redness, giving the skin an immediate feeling of relief. The compact 50ml size is also perfect for travel, or as a small addition to a gift. Intesa also provides post-shave care with its aftershave Glacial Lotion. This lotion soothes skin after shaving, and features panthenol and menthol for a burst of coolness that cleans and calms.

For more complete man-care, perhaps as a gift or as an easy way to start skincare, there are the L’Oréal Men’s Expert kits, namely the Full Monty and the Stressed Out sets. The Full Monty is designed to fulfil all your beard-care needs. This set includes a black toiletry bag and three easy-to-use products to get the bear you always wanted: a 30ml beard oil to soften and enrich facial hair while moisturizing the skin underneath, a 200ml wash for your face, hair, and beard, and a 300ml shower gel to soothe dry and irritated skin. These products are enriched with natural cedarwood essential oils, for a rich and masculine scent. If beard care is not what you’re after, we also have the Stressed-Out kit for a bloke that is a little bit busy and tense. This set contains a 300ml shower gel, 250ml spray deodorant and a 50ml vita lift facial moisturizer, as well as a 500ml black water bottle. These products are formulated to reduce stress and muscle tension, allowing you to re-charge and get back in the zone.

While the skincare market is saturated with products designed with women in mind, there is still a space for men to find what they need. Of course, men can use any skincare, but there are some that are designed specifically for them and their issues. Intesa and L’Oréal create some of that skin care, with wonderful formulas designed just for you.


Written by Emilia