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Surprise your man! - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Often enough, guys don’t open up about the fact that we like to be surprised too. It’s a beautiful gesture to surprise someone you love with a lasting memory and fragrances are an exceptional way of surprising someone. They don’t have to carry a huge price tag, which is something we boys tend to avoid, and works on creating an irresistible smell around the one you adore.

Whether he’s sporty, relaxed, loud or formal there is bound to be a signature scent that will carry through and provide a memory of a special moment you’ve shared together. Fragrances are great at adapting to personalities and different persona's, by day he may be the fresh, sporty guy on the field but by night he may be the suave and sophisticated socialite.

Here are a few tips at matching up a fragrance to your special man!

Is he sporty? If he is he will prefer to stay fresh on and off the field and fragrances that carry enduring and zesty citrus notes of lemon, lime and mandarin are excellent! Versace Pour Homme with its powerful lemon citrus burst stays fresh on the skin for hours and doesn’t break the bank either. If however we are looking for something to suit him outside of sport too try Giorgio Armani’s Sport Code, its intense blend of citrusy mandarin, lemon and lime create a beautifully balanced fresh approach to the sporty guy.

Is he relaxed? If he is relaxed he can seem hard to buy for but can actually be the easiest one to please. The relaxed gentleman tends to find happiness in fragrances that are softer and carry a delicate or soft sweetness too them. Davidoff’s Cool Water is a favourite among men and carries a real subtly that doesn’t aim to be bolder then he is. For something that isn’t so everyday try Bvlgari Aqva, with its similar soft marine notes it adds a little more formality with soft woody undertones.

Is he loud? A loud man is someone whose loud personality reflects everything he is and does. Fragrances that carry great depth of character and warmth make the loud man happy! Calvin Klein’s CK One Shock is a great blend of warm patchouli and a sweet grapefruit note, great for everyday wear. To really surprise him though try the magnificent fragrance by Paco Rabanne, One Million. This fragrance has some serious depth carried through with soft raspberry notes to provide sweetness, patchouli to create a warm body and rose to add some real complexity to the fragrance, this one will definitely allow him to stand out in a crowd.

Is he formal? Our suave and formal man likes a fragrance that can create a real signature scent for him. Fragrances that carry complex notes without being overwhelming really suit your formal man. Try Chrome by Azzaro, this works great as a transitional fragrance for night and day and its characteristic light green tea note adds real sophistication to his image. For something a little special try Hugo Boss’ Boss Bottled Night, with a great opening of birch tree aroma and lavender the fragrance is complex and promises a sensual musk to surprise you later in its base notes.

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