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The Aromatherapy Company - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

New Zealand based business, The Aromatherapy Company, specialise in natural bath and body products. Sarah Townsend founded the company twenty years ago. Since she was a child Sarah has been deeply passionate about nature, animals and taking care of Mother Earth.

A childhood hobby of Sarah’s was to blend herbs and flower petals with a mortar and pestle. She would pour the essence into perfume bottles and spritz her concoctions.

Her passion for natural fragrance has remained with her into adulthood. After graduating from university she began to blend essential oils to create blissful bath and body products. The Aromatherapy Company’s products are not only beautifully scented, they also have healing benefits such as stimulating blood circulation and boosting immunity.

Essential oils and natural ingredients have endless benefits for the mind, body and soul. Relax and unwind with The Aromatherapy Company’s beautiful products that are filled with natural goodness. 

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