The TRULY Collection

The TRULY Collection - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Kate Spade has always been known for colour and her new scents are no exception. The TRULY Collection are an explosion of colour.

Starting off the collection is TRULY dazzling. Inspired by the colour aqua, TRULY dazzling was created to mimic the aquatic oasis against the bright blue sky of the desert. The watery and energetic liveliness that boast Truly Dazzling combines notes of water lily, luminaria and Death Valley salt & minerals, interposing the ordinary with cheerful optimism that is TRULY dazzling.

TRULY gracious draws inspiration from the colour green, with refreshing Bamboo canopies giving life to the fragrance. Opening with notes of bamboo leaves and a heart of green sap, the combination is then cooled with a base of green musk. Inspired by Kate Spade New York’s legacy hue, that’s known for its alluring qualities that are TRULY gracious.

TRULY daring captures the essence of the naturally bright fuchsia colour of the peony flower. Mimicking the freshness and purity of a peony starts this scent off, to then unfold into a heart of cherry blossom. At the base lies more mysterious nuances hidden in Rosyfolias. Unapologetically feminine and playful, TRULY daring invites you to take a chance.

Lastly TRULY joyful has you dreaming of the colour orange. Inspired by combining the fiery energy of red and the happiness of sunshine yellow. Tarocco orange opens the composition, catching the crisp spice of the pink pepper heart and ending with the warm note of crystallised ginger. TRULY joyful is a reminder to reminisce and share tender thoughts and memories.

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