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It is shocking to think that one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. Many people will already be familiar with breast cancer as a sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother or grandmother has had to deal with this disease. Luckily, there are fantastic support groups and charities who do all that they can for the women and men who are battling breast cancer. One such foundation is Think Pink and Cosmetics Fragrance Direct wholly support all of their wonderful work.

Recently, Think Pink hosted a Masquerade Ball where guests were invited to dress in Black Tie attire with a splash of pink. This night of elegance was hosted by Dr Sally Cockburn (AKA Dr Feelgood 3AW) and party goers sampled an array of decadent culinary creations and had the chance to bid on auctions. It was an evening filled with entertainment, stunning gowns and fab food all with a sprinkle of mystery glittered throughout the night thanks to the magical masks.

Think Pink work tirelessly and this independent and volunteer run charity devote themselves fully to the patients. By offering counselling, information and practical assistance, Think Pink makes the difficult process a little bit easier for both the patient and their families. A helping hand and a shoulder to lean on can make all the difference and with their long list of services and programs, Think Pink are more than willing to help.

Think Pink approach the patients from a positive point of view where a focus is placed on wellness, not illness and they encourage each patient to feel empowered. They aim to nurture patients emotionally and physically and never forget that each patient has a different experience. Think Pink reminds those with breast cancer that they are not alone and a friend is never far away.

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