We Love: The Classic Red Lip

We Love: The Classic Red Lip

Without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite beauty looks is a simple slick of red lipstick. This beauty lifesaver is my go-to product when I am in a rush as a gorgeous garnet lipstick makes you look perfectly polished in seconds. For a night out, team your favourite little black dress with a touch of mascara, a flawless foundation base, a swirl of blush and a pop of red lipstick and voila, instant glam. Love!

Interestingly, a crimson pout has been coveted by women throughout the ages. In Ancient Egypt the Mesopotamian women (and often men) would create a concoction of crushed beetles and ants and apply the cherry coloured formula to their lips. Fish scales were often incorporated into this mixture for a pearly sheen. Thankfully, lipstick formulas became a little safer (and less icky) in the years that followed.

In the sixteenth century it was very much in vogue to match a white face with bold red lips. Queen Elizabeth I often donned this look and used lipstick created from a mix of beeswax and plant extracts.

It was in 1923 that the modern swivel lipstick tube was created. Rose lips were still loved by women and often seen on glamorous film stars such as Clara Bow. During this time cosmetics companies including Chanel, Geurlain, Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor began to release their own lipsticks.

When I think of swoon-worthy red lips certain screen sirens immediately pop to mind. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor all used a stunning red lipstick which added to their enchanting beauty. The red lip has maintained its popularity into recent times and has become Lady Gaga and Madonna's signature look.

A ruby pucker has remained an essential beauty item for a reason. When paired with a confident attitude it oozes girl power. Have fun with red lippie and become an instant femme fatale with this absolute must-have beauty product!