Winter Proof Your Skin

Winter Proof Your Skin - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

In a sartorial sense, winter has been a time to be celebrated. After months of beaches, bikinis and BBQ’s it was a welcome change to break out the boots, scarves and jackets often left neglected for months. Yet for many of us, the cooler weather has wreaked havoc on our skincare regimes. Dry skin is common during the middle of the year but the good news is, with just a few slight changes it is easily prevented.

Firstly, try switching to a cream cleanser. If your skin type is dry all year round, you’re probably already using a cream facial cleanser but even those of us with oily or normal skin can reap the benefits of changing from a foaming formula to something gentler in winter. Follow your cream cleanser with a cream moisturiser instead of a lotion or gel; the richer products are better at retaining water in the skin. Clarins Hydra Quench Crème contains hyaluronic acid to insulate the skin, perfect for combating both the chilly winds outside and drying indoor heat.

Don’t neglect your limbs - It’s not just the skin on your face that needs some extra TLC when the mercury drops. Because arms and legs have fewer oil glands they tend to feel the winter dryness the most. Sugar Baby Aloe Sailor Soothing Body Cream is heavy-duty enough to rehydrate the most parched of skins, but light enough to be absorbed super fast.

Often at the mercy of the elements, hands can be the first to show signs of wear and tear in winter. If mittens aren’t your thing, keep your paws hydrated and protected with Burt’s Bees Almond Milk and Beeswax hand crème containing a nourishing blend of sweet almond oil, beeswax and aloe.

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