Ecoya are experts at developing luxury bath and body products and home fragrance that have all natural ingredients. Inspired by the rich history and sheer beauty of Botany Bay, Ecoya passionately explores and creates beautiful scents.

This Australian company aim to take you on a journey through your treasured memories, with the assistance of their soaps, lotions, aromas or oils. We each have a different past and associate certain scents with unique fond memories, Ecoya unlocks these moments in time with their delightful and dreamy goods.

The company was founded by Isaac Sinclair. As a young boy, Isaac was drawn to fragrance and would spend hours in his kiwi garden soaking up the delicious aromas. He then began working in a department store and by chance met one of he world’s leading experts in fragrance, Michael Edwards. Isaac was then inspired to follow his dreams and study at the prestigious Universita dell’Immagine (School of the Five Senses) in Milan. Ecoya has expanded to 15 countries.

Our Pick

Fresh Pine Needles

Our Pick For Men

White Peach & Orange Blossom