Elizabeth Arden


Born in 1884 in Canada, Florence Nightingale Graham was the brains behind the international cosmetics brand, Elizabeth Arden. After dropping out of nursing school, she began working as a bookkeeper for a pharmaceutical company where she learnt about skin care, sparking her love of cosmetics and skin care. In 1909 Graham coined the business name ‘Elizabeth Arden’ and opened her own salon on 5th Avenue. She famously painted the front door to her salon a bold shade of red and therefore, it was named ‘The Red Door Salon’ and was instantly recognisable amongst the streets of grey buildings.

Arden was a pioneer in the beauty world and created numerous innovative products and new formulas such as the 8 Hour Cream, bio-engineered ceramides, capsule packaging, visible difference refining moisturisers, home DIY peels and skin illuminating creams. Arden was also the first beautician to introduce the idea of the makeover. During World War II Arden focused on teaching women tips and tricks for applying makeup and dressing appropriately as more and more women had to enter the workforce.

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