Founder of the fashion label Kenzo, Kenzo Takada describes himself as being Japanese by birth but Parisian by style. He pioneered the fusion of East and West in fashion producing truly eclectic results. At a young age, Kenzo was inspired by the colourful and loud prints of Kimono fabric in his father’s teahouse. In 1965, Kenzo moved to Paris in order to pursue a career in fashion. He merged the bold prints of Japanese material with refined Parisian chic fashion to create his individual pieces.

The spirit of Kenzo exists in his fragrances as they beautifully express the core principle of the company – the harmonious blend of East and West. His iconic fragrance, FlowerByKenzo, is an enchanting floral blend that celebrates life’s beauty. The image of the red poppy is featured on the fragrance’s bottle and represents the perfume’s delicate nature, beauty and purity.

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