The prestigous cosmetics brand, Revlon, was developed in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson along with Charles Lachman. The first product released by Revlon was nail polish, created using pigment, rather than dye which had previously been the standard substance used. After receiving enormous recognition for their nail polish, the trio then developed their luxurious lipstick.

As well as an extensive collection of cosmetics, Revlon also has a vast line of fragrances. Revlon released Charlie in 1973. The groundbreaking advertisement for the perfume featured a woman wearing pants, symbolizing feminine strength and independence. Never before had the fragrance world seen a campaign featuring a woman presented in this way.

Revlon’s top quality cosmetics have attracted many celebrities. Beauties such as Emma Stone, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba have all been spokeswomen for the global beauty company and strongly endorse Revlon’s cosmetics. You’re sure to find a Revlon beauty product in nearly every woman’s makeup bag.

Revlon Professional hair styling products will allow you to achieve your favorite looks temporarily, and are essential for recreating and maintaining the long-lasting salon service results at home.

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