Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen has everything you need for beautiful, strong nails and their products will leave you feeling perfectly polished. Their range of nail care products are of the highest quality and best value. Sally Hansen has earned the reputation of number one expert in nail care in the USA.

The Sally Hansen brand was founded in the 1950s when Sally and her chemist husband created a formula called Hard as Nails which was an instant hit. The vision behind the range is to educate consumers about nail care with quality products that are affordable and easy to use.

Their range of trend-setting shades of nail polish is extensive. Not only do their nail polishes come in gorgeous hues, but, selective ranges are also designed to strengthen nails. Choose a Sally Hansen nail polish today and make a colour statement while looking after your nails.

Our Pick

Triple Shine Nail Color - 240 Play Koi

Our Pick

Miracle Gel Duo - 220 Teal Twin