Taylor Swift


Everybody’s darling, Taylor Swift, is an American singer-songwriter. Her country music tunes speak of heart ache and young love. Singles such as Today was a Fairytale, You Belong With Me and Love Story have caused Swift to have a bevy of loyal fans who not only love her music, but adore her gentle nature.

The glamorous songstress released her debut fragrance, Wonderstruck, in 2011. Swift coined the name after lyrics of her hit single, Enchanted: “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home”. The fragrance has a magical effect on the wearer as its floral tones, splash of fruitiness and soft woody base make a whimsical and dreamy elixir. Swift created the fragrance with the intention of it being an essential part of first impressions and sparking romance.

Miss Swift channels a bygone era of style, grace and feminine beauty. She has created a fragrance that encapsulates her girly sweetness and the result is bewitching.

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