Fragrance Groups

Identifying each fragrance’s personality in Fragrances of the World, the fragrance families are complemented by a ‘fragrance group’ scale so innovative that is copyrighted.

Think of fragrances as musical notes, with the brightest, highest notes on the left of each fragrance family page, and the richest, deepest notes on the right.

When four fragrances from the same family are compared – one a Fresh interpretation, the second a Crisp, the third a Classical, and the fourth a Rich version – one’s nose steps down the fragrance scale.

With each step the fragrance note becomes a little deeper.

Fresh > Crisp > Classical > Rich

Fresh is the most effervescent fragrances in the family.

Crisp are lively interpretations with a crisp accent.

Balanced notes are characteristic of the Classical family

The richer, deeper fragrances are known as Rich.