Fragrance Sub Groups

Citrus-Fruity, Gourmand, Green, Water, White Flowers

Clearer definition by dominant notes in order to give a fuller picture of the scent, Fragrances of the World includes sub-groups in each family that capture the dominant notes characterizing the fragrance.

Grouping fragrances under the heading Green, Citrus-Fruity, Water, White Flowers or Gourmand makes it easier to imagine the scent of the fragrance. Citrus-Fruity notes come from citrus oils, from apple and apricot, melon and peach, plum and exotic fruits. Their scent adds a tangy freshness quite different from the sharper Green notes.

The Gourmand notes were pioneered by Angel (1992) with its accents of caramel and chocolate. Its success started a trend that has influenced fragrances in almost every fragrance family. Gourmand notes include butterscotch, candy floss, fudge, praline and toffee.

Green notes will add the sharp freshness of green leaves, crushed grass. A hint of green will make a fragrance Crisp; a touch more will make it Fresh.

Water notes, by contrast, capture the cool freshness of sea air or the pure scent of a waterfall.

The scents of fresh White Flowers add the sweet, soft, fresh accents of lily of the valley and jasmine, gardenia, hyacinth, white honeysuckle and freesia.

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