Our Guarantee

Our team at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct aim to give our customers the ultimate shopping experience. Genuine service, genuine products from genuine companies at genuinely discounted prices.

  1. ALL Cosmetics Fragrance Direct products are sourced directly from the branded manufacturing company or an Australian distributor or agent. They are guaranteed genuine products.

  2. ALL Cosmetics Fragrance Direct products are guaranteed to be manufactured by their branded manufacturer. They are NOT copies or out of date products.

  3. Some discounted perfumery and cosmetics retailers do not supply genuine product.

  4. Be careful when you see discounted perfume products and always try to establish the authenticity of supply.

  5. Cosmetics Fragrance Direct merchandise is the genuine product from the genuine company at genuinely discounted prices.

Our Value

Some of our fragrances, cosmetics and other items list a 'value' figure with the price. This value is determined by our suppliers and/or Cosmetics Fragrance Direct.

All items have been included in good faith on the basis that the goods, as described, will be available at the time of sale. A failure by a supplier to deliver in accordance with the sample described, or at all, or other unintentional causes, may result in some items being unavailable.

Some items may not be available at all stores. Limited rights reserved.