29 July is Lipstick Day

29 July is Lipstick Day - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

For me, every day is lipstick day, but July 29th is actual lipstick day! Lipstick has always had the ability to make women feel more powerful. In fact in London in the 1800's, lipstick even was banned for 'having the power to seduce men into marriage'; making lipstick classified as witchcraft. So in honour of lipstick day, here are a few tips to get you through the smudges and chapped lips.

First, always start with a good quality lip balm. This helps your lips stay moisturised and soft underneath your lippy. Also, leaving it on while you do the rest of your makeup gives it a chance to sink in.

Next, always always always use a lip liner! These help your lipstick stay on and gives you a cleaner line around your lips. You can either use a pencil or crayon, or even use your lippy with a lip brush to get that perfect match.

And lastly (you guessed it) apply your favourite shade. Using a lip brush again can ensure you get an even amount on, and keeps your lipstick where you want it.

Wearing lipstick all day can seem daunting (is it going to stay on? Can I even eat my lunch?) but in reality the hardest thing about wearing lipstick is deciding between all your shades!

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