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The woman behind the fragrance

Sui developed her creative skills by attending the prestigious art college, Parsons The New School for Design. Whilst at college, Sui landed a job as a sportswear designer. It was in 1981 when she first received recognition for her creative designs. After showcasing only five pieces of clothing at an exhibition, she received orders from big name department stores - Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

In 1991, Sui launched her first fashion show which attracted international attention and cemented her as one of the leading ladies in the fashion world. Following this success, Sui released her fragrance line. The whimsical, dreamy and feminine nature of Sui’s fashion designs are captured beautifully in her string of perfumes.

Sui introduced her signature fragrance in 1999. An elegant mix of fruit and floral, Ann Sui is both fun and flirty. One of Anna Sui’s more popular fragrances, Dolly Girl, pays homage to Sui’s childhood memories of playing with her mother’s perfume and clothes as well as fantasising about her future career in fashion. This fanciful and quirky fragrance is housed in a doll’s head reflecting Sui’s love of all things girly. Opening with a delightful fruity burst the fragrance develops with the introduction of violet, magnolia and jasmine. This mix between a fruity cocktail and floral bouquet settles on amber, musk and vetiver, giving the perfume depth.

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