Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Cat eyes provide instant glamour by drawing attention to your peepers. Eyes that have a slight wing are perfect for every day makeup, but if you are after drama, a fuller wing adds intrigue to evening looks.

By using a gel eye liner, such as Physicians Formula's Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner, your liner will not smudge and has a longer wearability than a usual crayon or pencil. Try applying a small piece of sticky tape on your eyelid to shape the wing, then fill in the area using a brush loaded with black gel liner. This is a fool proof trick that will ensure you have a beautifully even line and perfectly defined eyes.

Another great option for achieving the sultry cat eye look is using a liquid liner. To master the tricky wing, imagine there is a line from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow and drag your liner at that angle.

To make your peepers pop make sure there are not gaps between your liner and your actual eye line. If there are some small gaps, simply grab a pencil and fill them in.

Have fun with your eye liner, ladies!

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