Lipstick Colours to suit your Hair Colour

Lipstick Colours to suit your Hair Colour - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Just as shades of eye shadow suit your eye colour, or a particular blush harmoniously blends with your skin tone, there are lipstick shades that look gorgeous when paired with certain hair colours. Whether you have swoon-worthy Rapunzel style locks or a chic pixie-bob, we've compiled a list of lipstick colours that will look amazing with your hair colour.

If you have a fiery red 'do, look for a nude or soft pink lipstick. Don't cross red lips off the list just because of your hair colour either. Redheads look great with bright red lips, but, try to find a colour that is even brighter than your hair as this will not wash you out.

Strawberry blonde bombshells look stunning with a berry pucker. Platinum blondes suite classic blue-based red lipstick, especially for night-time glam. Golden blondes can work lippies in hues of peach and soft pinks.

Brunette beauties are spoilt for choice and dark-brunettes are best suited to pinks, reds, or corals. Lighter brunettes look amazing in apricot, cinnamon and pink lipstick.

Black-haired belles should have bold coloured lipsticks in their makeup bags. Lipsticks in raspberry, fuchsia and plum all work a treat with a glossy black mane.

Don't limit yourself to these recommendations. The joy of makeup is its versatility, so, feel free to experiment and take note of the lipsticks that make you look radiant and give you a perfect pout.

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