Eye Shadows that Enhance Eye Colour

Eye Shadows that Enhance Eye Colour - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Choosing the right eye shadow can breathe life into your make up, transforming an ordinary look into something special. Just as certain shades suite skin tones and colourings, there are eye shadows that best enhance your natural beauty. A secret to achieve dramatic results is to choose a shade opposite to your eye colour. If you are a blue-eyed beauty, try eye shadows in shades of brown. Similarly, metallic shadows or liners like bronze and gold work a treat for baby blues. Greys or dark colours with blue undertones highlight your beautiful eyes for evening makeup. Make those around you green with envy by highlighting your emerald eyes with shades of deep plum, lovely lilac or violet. For evening glam, try a smokey charcoal shadow. For brown-eyed babes, shades of peach, light browns, teals and blues will compliment your eyes beautifully. A coat of mascara will help to define your eyes even more. To bring out the warmth of hazel eyes, try bold browns and greens. Blue tones in hues of sky blue and navy will make your eyes pop.
As well as noting your eye colour, make sure you take your skin tone into account. A fair complexion won't be suited to deep colours, whereas sun kissed sirens can pull off bold shades. A porcelain complexion is best suited to gentle and soft colours.

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