Celebrity Bests: The Best of Singers and Actresses

Celebrity Bests: The Best of Singers and Actresses

We all want a bit of glamour in our lives; we eagerly scroll Instagram to see MET gala looks and can spend hours searching eBay for bargains on good brands. Celebrities seem to have notices our desire for the lights of Hollywood and have created fragrances to give us a little touch of stardom. Created to last and impress, celebrity fragrances are usually sweet-noted Eau de Parfums that stay and bloom on the skin. With this strength, they can make for a surprisingly good everyday fragrance for work and pleasure. Celebrity fragrances also make great gifts- if your loved one likes their movies or music, why not give their perfume a try? With countless up-and-coming celebrities branching out into perfume, I’ve helped you narrow down the ones most worthwhile: these are my current favourite picks for celebrity perfumes.

Ariana Grande

At the top of our list is a singer who has burst onto the stage in recent years: Ariana Grande. With her winged eyeliner and sleek, high ponytail, this woman has a signature style that extends to her fragrances. Sweet, edible fragrance notes feature in each of her perfumes, cohesively tying them with a gourmand and powdery notes that make for a great collection. She releases fragrances at the rate of about one per year, meaning that there is always something new to try. R.E.M is her most recent; released in 2020, it is her lightest fragrance, with top notes of salt, caramel and fig, middle notes of lavender and pear blossom and base notes of sweet tonka beans, musk and sandalwood. The notes together create a fragrance that is subtly sweet, relaxing and gentle. If you are after the most popular, however, that would probably be the original Ari fragrance from 2015. This perfume is notably stronger than R.E.M, with its sweet and pleasant smell adding a bit of feminine flirt to your day. It has top notes of raspberry, pear and grapefruit for a tangy fruit opening, with middle notes of vanilla orchid, lily-of-the-valley and rose for a floral twist. The base notes of deeper wood and musk go alongside the sweet desert tone from Marshmallows for a final sweet touch. Overall, this is one of my favourite celebrity fragrances for being sweet and interesting with just the right amount of scent intensity.

Britney Spears

While I can’t say that Britney’s fragrances would be my first choice of celebrity fragrances when Rihanna is right there, they are incredibly popular. We are asked for them constantly, so they are the cream of the celebrity crop for many people. They are pretty, and there is no doubt a nostalgia factor- Britney’s first fragrance was released in 2004, and with new ones being released every year, she shows no signs of slowing down. While these new ones are a little more layered, I can’t help but pick her original for her best; the bright pink bejewelled bottle that is Fantasy. This is the fragrance that now defines Britney Spears fragrances; girls and women of all ages have it sitting on their vanity, and a new version is released almost every year. It is a classic celebrity fragrance- sweet, fruity and simple. The top notes are kiwi, litchi and quince for its fruity tone, and exciting dessert notes of white chocolate and vanilla cupcake with heavier florals of jasmine and orchid for middle notes. The base notes of musk and woody scents a bit of depth for the fragrance, but make no mistake, the main note of this fragrance is its sweetness.


Like Britney, Jennifer Lopez has been in the entertainment and perfume business for a while. Her first and ever-popular perfume Glow was released in 2002, and she has been producing new once regularly ever since. Glow is a classic sort of scent in a timeless, elegant bottle, and has proven to be popular with all ages in the 20 years since its release. It has a floral bouquet of neroli, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and rose with a squeeze of grapefruit, and a grounding base notes of musk, amber, sandalwood, orris root and vanilla. There are numerous versions of Glow, including 2018’s Glow Enduring which is a touch more fruity-citrus if you after a revamped classic.


Name one thing Riri can’t do- she sings, she acts, she releases fun and unique fragrances. She has a couple of different ranges- her Rouge fragrances have lighter florals, and the RiRi’s have the fruity, citrus and sweet perfumes for all types, but it is the Reb’l Fleur range that stands out for me. The Nude is subtle fruity-floral that includes orchid, jasmine, musk, pear and sandalwood with a final kick of guava for a bit of sweet bitterness. It is a natural, subtle fragrance that is great for everyday wear. The Rebelle is the red version of this elegant bottle, with a warm-spicy fragrance that contains coffee, cocoa and ginger as well as strawberry, orchid and amber to create a deep, balanced fragrance for someone who wants an almost edible delight. The big stand-out for me though is the original Reb’l Fleur of this range, in its elegant flared conical bottle with black and gold detailing. This perfume is different from most other celebrity fragrances I have tried- while it still has that standard sweetness, it has a woody-mossy scent that makes this perfume a little bit different. It also contains peach, vanilla, red berries and florals for a rounded and sweet scent. Its mossy-woods scent brings it in line with great fragrances such as Michael Kor’s Sexy Ruby or Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. There is also Reb’l Fleur Love Always which is a touch sweeter, but for me, the original is the standout of Rihanna’s fragrances.

Celebrity fragrances are a way to add a little bit of glamour to your every day, with their sweet and long-lasting notes making work and play a little more excited. This list has a little bit of everything for everyone, from sugar to floral to woods, and a celebrity that is bound to spark you or a loved one’s fan interest.

Written by Miranda