My MOR Favourites for Something a bit Stronger

My MOR Favourites for Something a bit Stronger - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

I have always liked MOR. I enjoy nourishing body products that help to heal and protect the skin, especially as I get older, and MOR is great as far as healing goes. They go beyond body care into perfumes and home goods as well, which are just as popular as their creams and scrubs. MOR is best known for their Marshmallow range. I personally prefer stronger fragrances with more musk woods or sweetness. I am not the only one that likes a bit more scent to my perfumed products, and luckily MOR goes beyond Marshmallow to please us as well.

As mentioned, I like more intense smells, and MOR’s Rosa Noir is one. The top notes of this scent include ivy leaves, basil, neroli and freesia for an opening that is herby, fresh and a touch floral. These scents are continued in the heart notes of light orange blossom, dusky rose, and herby coriander, along with heavier florals of jasmine and carnation. The base notes are heavier and sweet; sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and vanilla. This base gives Rosa Noir its deeper, heavier fragrance that I prefer. To me, this fragrance is sweet, herbal and deep, a bit woody and a bit fresh. It is quite a unique fragrance.  

We have a wide range of Rosa Noir that includes a small Parfum and lovely, non-greasy hand cream, but for this range, I prefer their soy candle and their triple-milled soap. The soy candle is a decent size at 266g and has a single 100% cotton wick. It is strong on the herby and sweet notes, as well as the opening floral scents. It fills a room with scent nicely and does not produce any thick or dark smoke. It is also a pretty design, with a glossy black and textured jar with a lid, as well as deep pink wax and fine details.  

The soap has a slightly different tone. The fragrance of the soap is lighter than the candle, not as herby. This works for a body care item. The soap lathers well and leaves a subtle scent on your skin even after rinsing. It is a fantastic way to take this fragrance around with you. MOR’s triple-milled soaps are also luxurious, enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, so this soap leaves your skin both perfumed and healed.  

There is also the Peony Blossom fragrance that I like, and you will too if you like a floral fragrance with a strong fruity element. This fragrance is comprised of orange, mango, strawberry, and pineapple as the top notes for a very fruity opening, and heart notes of lily, sugar, and peony with a base note of vanilla for a sweet and floral fragrance. It is a brighter scent than the Rosa Noir, lacking the woody base notes, so is for someone who likes sweet and summer. 

For this range, I prefer the creams and body care items. The home items are still lovely- the candle burns well and fragrant, and the diffuser is lighter and long-lasting, but it is in the body items that the fruity fragrances come to life. The body milk is my favourite. It is hydrating and dries down quickly so that it is not greasy, as well as being strong on the fruity scents of the fragrance. The same can be said for the hand cream in this range. I am also fond of the sugar crystal scrub and body butter. The Sugar scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate and soften the skin (though be sure to use them gently), and the body butter is healing and nourishing, softening the skin further while also making sure it stays hydrated. The body butter is perfumed so that you can take this fragrance around with you, however, I want to point out that Peony Blossom also comes in a 14.5ml Parfum if you want to wear this great fragrance as an everyday scent. 

While the Marshmallow is the most well-known MOR fragrance, I want something a bit stronger. The Rosa Noir and Peony Blossom provide me with those stronger fragrances, with unique scents of herbs, florals and woods or something fruitier and sweeter. With MOR, there is plenty of fragrances to branch out with and find the scent that best suits you and your home. 

Written by Olivia 

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