A Trip To The Woods With Wild Sage by MOR

A Trip To The Woods With Wild Sage by MOR - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

If you are after something a bit different this winter season, prepare to take a trip into the dark, mysterious woods with MOR’s Wild Sage range. MOR is a forever-popular home and body brand, known for its nourishing creams and unique, long-lasting scents. The Wild Sage range is not any different. A top note of sage, with middle notes of vetiver and pine leaf to create a herby-woody scent that would not be out of place in a forest. The base notes of musk and ambergris complete this deep, heady aroma. With its dark, art-deco designs and slightly mystic ingredients, this is a range that lets you channel your inner Lana del Rey, Stevie Nicks, or Samantha Stephens. 

Body Products 

Body Lotion and Wash

Lighter on the sage smell, the Hand and Body Lotion and Wash have a more casual aroma, great for everyday use without being overwhelming with the herb scent. The lotion blends the sage leaf extract, vetiver, cedar and bergamot oils with soybean and shea butter to create a body lotion that is nourishing and makes skin silky soft. The Wash is similarly scented and formulated for a deep clean, all the while giving the skin a refreshing, pleasant smell. These two items work well together to nourish and clean the skin, as well as layering the fragrance to help it last longer and be a little bit stronger. As well as being available separately, they are also available in a duo pack for better value. 


If you prefer to lather up when washing, the triple-milled Wild Sage solid soap is for you. Formed with cocoa and shea butters and blended with conditioning vitamin E, this soap bar revitalises and nourishes the skin. At a decent size with a pretty package, it would also make a great gift for a loved one, or as a design piece in a rarely used guest bathroom. 

Hand Cream

Like the body lotion, the hand cream contains sage leaf extract and cedar, vetiver, and bergamot oils for scent, but is blended with cocoa and shea butter for a thicker formula suitable for hand cream. It is more intensely nourishing than the lotion to help heal hands, and the smaller size makes it easier for on-the-go use. I love MOR hand cream- thick and nourishing without being too greasy- and this interesting smell is great for a spark in any body-care collection. 



If you would rather the earthy, moody smell in your home rather than on your body for extra atmosphere, MOR has you covered there as well. The candle is the strongest scented item of this range that brings the outdoors, indoors. This soy candle has a single, 100% cotton wick, and can burn up to 60 hours to give your space an earthy smell that Samantha Stephens would be proud of. Better yet, the black glossy finish with gold detailing and lid gives this candle an aesthetic quality, a great gift or added touch to impress. MOR candles are fragrant, long-lasting, and popular, and this one is no exception. 


Unlike Samantha Stephens, this more subtle home fragrance won’t make you wiggle your nose- it is lighter in fragrance than the candle, and is great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or other spaces where candles are not appropriate. This diffuser is an oil-based formula for better performance, and the rattan reed sticks allow the fragrance oil to travel efficiently to scent the room. Like the rest of the range, it is pretty, and its glossy black with gold detailing makes it a great design piece for a moodier space. 

MOR’s Wild Sage range brings about the unknown outdoors into your home and travel bag. This range may not be for everyone, with its unique herby, smoky, woody scent, but it is great for those who want something a bit different or want to add a bit of moodiness to their living space.

Written By Juliette

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