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Blackhead Care - Away from the Trends - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Flashy skin-care has been getting popular on social-media platforms lately. There are dermatologists on TikTok dancing to skin products, people exhibiting their routines, and no small amount of poking, prodding, and squeezing of blackheads. Popular YouTube videos made famous for squeezing blackheads among other skin ailments has even gotten our attention in recent years.

However, the increase in popular skin care, absolutely does not mean you should go pop-crazy on your own face. This will only cause damage, pain, and probably more blemishes. One of the best way to deal with blackheads is a little patience and TLC.

One of the best methods for dealing with blackheads is through a change in skin care and gentleness. For blackheads, dermatologists recommend salicylic acid, which also works well at reducing pimples and other skin problems. It works by penetrating into your skin, and dissolving the dead skin cells that block your pores, which is what causes blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin marks. It is a gentle acid, so it shouldn’t damage your skin, but can mean that it may take a couple of weeks to see the full effect. While it is a gentle and popular skin care, not everyone is the same, so keep an eye out for redness, itching, or any bad turns in the state of your skin. You should always pay attention to what works best for you, not everyone else.

Garnier has range of blackhead specific skincare that includes salicylic acid, as well as charcoal and blueberry extract for extra cleansing and skin hydration.

The most general of the range is the Anti-Blackhead Cleansing Gel, available in the 200ml size. Gel Cleansers are gentle, and can be used once, up to twice daily. Being a gentle gel cleanser, this product can also be used to gently remove makeup, and is good for any skin type. It also works wonders as a general cleanser- general dirt and grime are cleared away quickly, and oily skin is reduced.

A step up from the cleansing gel is the Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Gel, which contains two different sizes of exfoliating particles to help unclog pores and clear the skin. The exfoliating particles are entirely natural, so they won’t pollute the environment, which is a definite plus. Being an exfoliator, it is meant for more problem skin, and is much harsher than the gel cleanser. For this product, only use it once every couple of days, and be sure to massage your skin with it gently. If used gently (I mean it, gently) this exfoliator is an excellent method for clearing the skin of blemishes, especially blackheads.

For more extreme cases, there is the Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off. It comes in a tube of liquid, and applies wet before drying into a peel-off mask. When peeling it off, the mask will remove dead skin and other pollutants, and help to unclog the pores forming the blackheads. While it is effective, and often satisfying, it is an incredibly intense process. I would suggest not doing it more than once every couple of weeks, but certainly no more than once weekly, and be sure to be gentle and listen to your skin. It is definitely not for sensitive skin. Despite this, peels are an effective way to remove dead skin and clear problem areas, and the added charcoal of this mask along with the salicylic gel will help keep your skin clean and clear.

With salicylic acid and added charcoal, Garnier’s Anti-Blackhead range is effective in clearing blackheads and other problem areas, and the added blueberry extract helps to heal and hydrate skin. For those with blackhead that they don’t know how to fix, don’t turn to YouTube, but turn to Garnier’s range with being more gentle and less damaging - though it probably won’t get nearly as many YouTube hits.

Written By Emilia

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