Why Is Everyone Ignoring Vera Wang’s Embrace Collection?

Why Is Everyone Ignoring Vera Wang’s Embrace Collection? - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Since the Embrace line from Vera Wang was first introduced in 2015, I believe that it has gotten limited attention, which is sad as they are some of my favourite fragrances. Each perfume in the range is inspired by intimacy and emotion and constructed with natural, light notes. There is something that will appeal to everyone in the five different fragrances, from sweet and warm to light and calming.

The Marigold and Gardenia is a fantastic fragrance to start this range, with its happy smell and bright colour. Alongside the namesake Marigold and Gardenia notes, there is also the deeper base notes of cedar wood and cardamom, giving this fragrance a fresh but warm glow. The melon in the top notes is also prominent, for a bit of a fruity kick. However, I find that this particular note fades after the first 15 minutes or so, leaving a lovely warm scent behind. Overall, a fun and joyous fragrance for everyday wear.

Next up is the bright Periwinkle and Iris, an incredibly light and slightly sweet scent. The floral notes are, of course, periwinkle and iris, along with jasmine and violet to make for a delicate yet delicious scent. The sugar, whipped cream and vanilla base notes enhance the natural sweetness of the light florals without being overwhelming. That’s what pleasantly surprises me about this fragrance- it is sweet and floral without being too much. It reminds me the smell of a garden carried by a breeze- in other words, very enjoyable. If you are after an everyday floral, definitely consider this one- it would fit right into any perfume collection.

The most recent of the line, the French Lavender and Tuberose Embrace was released in 2018 and is my personal favourite. The herby and floral smells of the two namesake notes give this fragrance a very calming and comfortable smell- I often find myself spraying it on my pillows, my bedding, anything that is near me when I sleep. However, additional notes of mandarin orange and a base of vanilla and cocoa give this perfume a sweet, dessert-like spark that elevates it to something unique and fun to wear in everyday life. When I spray it, I cannot stop smelling it, I don’t think you would be able to either. It is probably different from your other fragrances. I have yet to find anything quite like it.

The Green Tea and Pear Blossom looks green, sounds green, and definitely smells green. It is a fresh and subtle scent, and the green tea notes give the fragrance a very relaxing feel. The smell of the actual pear blossom is quite light, especially when paired with the other florals that include peony and orange blossom, but it does still impact the bouquet. Even with the green tea and earthy notes of the cedar and musk base, I wouldn’t go as far as to call this perfume plant-y, but as mentioned, it certainly smells green. More of a summer fragrance, and reminds me of another amazing fragrance; Elizabeth Arden’s ever popular Green Tea.

French Lavender and Tuberose may be my favourite of this range, but Rosebuds and Vanilla is a very close second, and it truly lives up to its name. While this fragrance includes other florals, iris and magnolia being two, it is really the dewy rose and sweet vanilla that dominate this fragrance. That being said, it is not an overwhelming scent compared to the rest of the Vera Wang Embrace range. Like a rose garden in the winter, I like to think- fragrant, dewy, and a little bit sharp.

As you can likely tell, I am a massive fan of these fragrances, but I think for good reason. Each perfume is different from the last, all providing a light reminder of warmth, intimacy and comfort. They live up to their name; they embrace you softly in their natural and light smells and make a fantastic addition to any perfume collection, either for yourself or someone else. Furthermore, these perfumes are fairly small, 30mls in size which I prefer as they are the perfect size to fit in a travel bag or a purse for touch-ups on the go. There are also 240ml body sprays of these fragrances, which are a bit more subtle in scent, but are a larger volume if you want to spray a lot of these perfumes.


Written by Juliette

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