Philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix Facial Serum Roller

Philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix Facial Serum Roller - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

As winter winds approach, promising dry skin and redness, we look for ways to keep our skin healthy and comfortable throughout the colder months. For more mature ladies and men looking for something that helps to nourish, maintain and tighten your skin, you don’t have to spend the whole season looking for something that works. Philosophy have released a new range of skin care, their ‘Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix’, specifically formulated to help tighten and care for more mature skin.

Face serums are an excellent way to add nutrients and moisture to your skin. They are not meant to replace the rest of your skin care routine, but rather to add extra care and nourishment. Different serums can focus on different minerals, nutrients or problem areas, and in the case of Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker, the focus is on tightening and restoring the skin.

While anyone would find this serum rejuvenating, it is specifically formulated for those of us that are getting a bit more mature, between 45-65 years, so ladies, this one is for you! The gentle formula helps to firm the skin, reducing the appearance of laugh lines and wrinkles, as well as tightening the neck and chin area. I particularly enjoy how the Ultimate Miracle serum applies; it has an elongated roller applicator that means I don’t have to sit and guess how much I need to squeeze from the bottle, which I feel saves me time and product. It also applies very smooth, and doesn’t have a greasy, wet finish the way some other serums can.

The only downside, or upside depending, is that this serum is not perfumed- the edelweiss and fruit extracts in the formula are not overly fragrant, and it smells like fresh cream more than anything else. I prefer this, as I don’t like putting perfumed skin products on my face, particularly near my mouth and eyes, but I know some people like skin care with some added fragrance.

If you are going to use any facial serum, using one from a well-known skin care brand with a nearly 5-star approval rating like Philosophy is the way to go. The formula is designed specifically to help reduce the appearance of lines and tighten the skin around your face and neck, and is nourishing addition to your skincare routine in time for the harsh winter months.

Written By Olivia

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