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Finding a fragrance that works for you can be difficult, especially when all you want is for it to be low effort. There is a lot to consider- scent notes, tones, types of fragrance that suit you- that can take time. This is where gift sets can often come in handy; they contain multiple body care items for your convenience and is an easy way to find a fragrance and extras to get you through the everyday. If you are also looking for an easy scent, I would suggest Dunhill’s Century as a simple solution for your everyday fragrance needs.

Dunhill is a classic brand, in operation since the late 1800s and producing everything from saddles, to tobacco, to lighters featured in classic James Bond movies. Their fragrance venture started in the 1930s, and since then has grown and become an integral part of their brand. Century is not quite as old- it was released in 2018 and is designed to encapsulate a more modern and forward-looking scent in a graceful glass bottle. The original 1934 Dunhill scent is a strong wood, heavy on vetiver, leather and cedar, with a touch of nutmeg and lemon for depth. It is a classic, older scent, but can often be quite overpowering. Century is lighter, more modern, and infinitely wearable.

The fragrance has top notes of mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot, middle notes of neroli, cardamom and wood resin, with base notes of sandalwood, musk and cypriol oil that creates a first punch of citrus that quickly settles into the woodier notes of sandalwood and cardamom while remaining fresh and light. This mix between fresh and woody means that this varied fragrance is great for anyone, and how your nose picks up the intensity of different notes means it is a little bit special for everyone. For me, the cardamom comes through strongly; a slightly sweet and spicy note that leaves a bitter afterglow. There is also a Century Blue version released in 2019, which is more focused on citrus and spicy scents with the inclusion of ginger and black pepper.

In a set that includes a 135ml EDP and 90ml each of shower gel and aftershave balm, all inside a sleek black toiletry bag, this set makes a great complete body care package or gift. A full set for easy, low-maintenance body care and scent, all at a price cheaper than the recommended retail price of the fragrance individually. If Century is not the scent for you why not have a look at Dunhill's Icon Elite Eau de Parfum 100ml Gift Set.

Written By Miranda

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