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We love celebrities- it's why they’re famous. We want to see their glamour, their style, the high life. Through social media and interviews, we get to see more and more of their everyday lives and can catch glimpses of ways to make their beauty regiment part of ours. Perfume is part of this- what do these people smell like, and is it any good? Below are a handful of fragrances that are the favourites of popular celebrities, for you to view, judge, and try.

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift- Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf

Ariana and Taylor are some of the most popular voices at the moment; photos of Grande’s recent wedding have become the most liked post on Instagram, and Swift’s remakes of her previous work are inspiring a new wave of love. It’s only fair that you would want a little bit of singer magic in your everyday. Despite both having their own perfume ranges (though Taylor Swift’s have long been discontinued), the two popular singers share a perfume fav- Flowerbomb from Viktor&Rolf. This is a very well-known and well-liked fragrance, and for good reason; it is a musky floral oriental with a mystic spark. The base notes of patchouli, musk and vanilla lay the oriental tone of this fragrance, musky and deep with a slight sweetness. The patchouli here is most noticeable, for a touch of greenness. The middle notes are the fragrance’s floral bouquet. With strong notes of orchid, rose and jasmine besides orange flower and freesia. Despite being an oriental fragrance, there are slight fresh notes from the top notes of bergamot and Osmanthus flower (with a sweet apricot-like smell), as well as a strong note of herby tea. This is a fragrance for something and someone special and brings a bit of celebrity glamour to your life.

Margot Robbie- Deep Euphoria from Calvin Klein

It was no surprise to me that actress Margot Robbie is a fan of Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria. Deep Euphoria is a great match for Margot, from what I see from her roles and red-carpet styles; a deep, clean and slightly sensual fragrance, and a great addition to any perfume collection. The base notes set the tone for this fragrance, with strong notes of woods, patchouli, and musk. The middle notes are lighter and add depth, with strong black rose and light peony, geranium and jasmine sambac notes. The opening notes of white pepper, mandarin leaf and freshwater notes add a bit of light greenness to the fragrance. While it retains some of the cool, mossy-wood tones of the original Euphoria, Deep Euphoria is an aquatic rose scent with a touch of warm patchouli, that still holds onto the woodiness of the original. A great fragrance for something a little moody, and a little

Kylie Jenner- Coconut Passion by Victoria’s Secret

Despite her high-fashion lifestyle, Kylie Jenner doesn’t wear designer perfume. In an interview in Glamour, she admitted that she is sensitive to scent, and often gets headaches from perfumes. Because of this, her favourite fragrance is Victoria’s Secret’s Coconut Passion body spray. This is a light and sunny fragrance, reminiscent of warm sand on an island paradise. With main notes of coconut and vanilla for a delightfully edible scent, the fragrance also has small hints of white floral, chamomile, and aloe vera for a tropical island touch. So, if you get headaches, or just prefer lighter fragrances, try following Kylie Jenner’s lead.

Ashley Graham- Chloe’s classic Eau de Perfume

American model, television presenter and Youtuber Ashley Graham has also revealed what her go-to fragrance is to magazine writers; Graham is a fan of the classic Chloe Eau de Parfum fragrance. This is a beautiful rose floral fragrance, fresh with a touch of fruitiness. Top notes of floral peony and freesia, then a fruity touch of litchi. The middle notes are a floral bouquet of rose, lily-of-the-valley and magnolia, and more subtle base notes of cedar and resinous amber. This is a truly classic and beautiful fragrance and fits Graham’s natural style and class as much as it will suit yours.

Jennifer Aniston- Cacharel’s Anais Anais, as well as her own Beachscape scent.

With the recent ‘Friends’ reunion, Jennifer Aniston is back at the forefront of my mind. She has been a staple in Hollywood since the mid-1990s, and her choice of fragrance is also one that has been a staple on many a dresser since its release- Cacharel’s Anais Anais. Though it was released in 1978, this powdery, musky white floral fragrance is still going strong. They may be in part to its intricate and layered construction- this perfume contains over 30 notes. The most prominent notes are white lily, hyacinth, carnation, jasmine, and musk, with fresh touches of lemon and lavender. Overall, this is a powdery floral that has a hint of freshness and will draw attention to you wherever you go. Another fragrance that Aniston wears is one of her own creations- Beachscape. This is a more subtle, oceanic fragrance, with its most prominent notes being sand and salty sea notes, followed by some light florals and fruits, and a woody base for depth. Overall, a very pleasant everyday fragrance, that sends you back to your most recent beach holiday.

Written by Miranda

The information about the celebrities and the fragrances they wear has been sourced from articles in Elle, Vouge Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and Evoke Online.

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