For a Safe and Sunny Tan, Try Bondi Sands

For a Safe and Sunny Tan, Try Bondi Sands

It’s harder to stay tan in the winter- that is a given. It’s cold and windy, so you stay inside, rug up, and start avoiding beaches in a way you couldn’t imagine doing in summer. Sadly, there are still places to go in the chilly winter, and for those who would still like their skin to have a warm glow, they must turn to other methods of achieving their desired glow. For an all Australians, skin-safe tanning option, there is Bondi Sand’s self-tanning products.

Bondi Sands was launched in 2012, inspired by the classic image of the bronzed Aussie lifesaver and the creator’s frustration with the lack of professional-quality at-home tanning options. They have a wide range of tanning products; foam, lotion, and mist formulations in different shades, as wells as gradual tanning milks and instant wash off options, all enriched with moisturizers such as vitamin E and aloe vera for skin nourishment. They have non-greasy formulas and include a tropical and slightly sweet note of coconut, a change from the usual fake-tan smell. Bondi Sands is proudly Australian made and owned, they have recently developed a focus on their environmental responsibility. They are pushing towards more sustainable and reusable bottle manufacturing, and their products are reef-friendly, as well as cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

For tanning beginners, starting with the self-tanning foam in light to medium is the way to go. These tanning foams are the easiest of Bondi Sand’s range to use and create a smooth and subtle sun-glow- when used right. To use the foams correctly, pump the tanner once onto the self-tanning mitt, and use one pump each on each limb and your torso. For your face, hands, and most importantly your joints including knees and elbows, do not get a new pump of tanner. Instead, use the left-over residue on the tanning mitt to apply a lighter coverage that will keep your face, hands, and joints from becoming patchy. The same technique can be used with the self-tanning lotion. Both products are infused with aloe vera and the scent of fresh coconut to be gentle on your skin, and on your senses.

If you are after something more subtle but buildable, there is the Gradual Tanning Milk. These tanning milks are designed to add a gradual, natural glow with easy application in its lotion-like consistency. Again, using the tanning mitt for a streak-free and smooth tan, apply the tanning milk over limbs, torso, and very gently over the face. You should start seeing a gentle and natural-looking tan, a few hours after the first application, but you can build the colour over multiple applications over a couple of days.

There is a wide range of Bondi Sand products for any type of tanning needs. I have showcased some of the most popular and easy-to-use items, but if you after something more specific, feel free to check out the Bondi Sands collection page on our website for our full range.

Written by Juliette