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Some days are just not meant for perfume. Whether it be because it is too hot, or because you are not going anywhere or doing anything that you feel is worth spraying your favourites on. Body sprays fill this gap, being lighter than perfume and usually in larger sizes for more casual and less precise use. Probably the most well-known range of body sprays come from Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s secret body sprays are incredibly popular, and can also be hard to find, which is why I’m pleased to say we stock the entire original range of the body sprays. This range covers a variety of different notes, fragrance families and moods, meaning there is something for everyone with this range, but some are admittedly more popular than others. Here is a complete list of our Victoria’s Secret body mist range, so that you can examine their notes and find the one that is best suitable for you or a loved one.

We start the Victoria’s Secret body sprays with perhaps the most popular of the range: Bare Vanilla. This fragrance features whipped vanilla for a soft, delicate scent, further enhanced with a candied sweetness that keeps the fragrance light, and finished with a touch of warm cashmere. It is a gentle and comforting smell, like soft cashmere blankets and warm skin. It is its delicate sweetness and comforting warmth that makes it the most popular of the range.

Pure Seduction is a heavier fragrance than the Bare Vanilla. Including the notes of juiced plums and crushed freesia flowers, this fragrance is sweet, exhilarating, and fruity for a scent that lasts through the night. Perfect for warm summer days, well into the nights, this fragrance is strong but not overpowering, lush but not cloying. While the Bare Vanilla is for comfort, Pure Seduction is for those occasions where you need something more seductive and enticing.

Sometimes a night on the town can last through to the morning, and Victoria’s Secret Love Spell is designed just for that scenario. This is a strong and sweet fruity floral fragrance with notes of fresh peach and cherry blossom. It is an incredibly sweet and enticing fragrance that is impossible to resist, drawing interest while adding to a joyful atmosphere.

Amber Romance is a deeper scent than many of the other Victoria’s Secret body sprays, largely from the inclusion of its namesake, amber. The amber is a touch sweet and powdery, as well as adding a resinous and warm scent to the fragrance. There is still sweetness from the inclusion of vanilla notes, but touches of sandalwood and black cherry, ensuring that Amber Romance is still deeper and more resinous than the rest of Victoria’s Secret range.

For a scent more subtle, there is the Velvet Petals. This one is a gentle scent of light fruity notes, lush floral blooms and a sweet touch of almond glaze. This is a more everyday scent than many of the others in Victoria’s Secret body spray collection, good for daywear both in and out of the house. While the other fragrances are flushed skin and rosy cheeks, this body spray is like a gentle blush.

Back to something sweet and fruity, this time with a unique twist; the forever-popular Temptation. The main note of this fragrance is green apple for a juicy fruity smell that is fresh and fun, with added floral notes and exotic cactus flower for a green and floral twist to the fragrance. This body spray is light and airy, a fun fragrance for those after something a touch more earthy and whimsical.

For something more tropical and dessert-like, there is Coconut Passion. Reminiscent of warm sand on an island paradise, beach days can last forever with this fragrance. With main notes of coconut and vanilla for a delightfully edible scent, the fragrance also has small hints of white floral, chamomile, and aloe vera for a tropical island touch.

Victoria’s Secret body sprays are a popular range with a little something for everyone, perfect for everyday use or something a bit more special. For something summery and fresh to a sweet and enticing fragrance for a night out, this range has a scent for every occasion, and being as popular as they are, are definitely worth a try.

Written by Miranda

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