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Handbag Essentials - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Imagine this. After a long day, work is finally over and you're about to catch up with some friends for dinner. Feeling a little weary you decide to touch up your makeup. You desperately look for your favourite lipstick or translucent powder, but your efforts are fruitless. Shock! Horror! You've left them at home. We've all been there, so, we have compiled a little check list of the essentials to keep in your handbag to avoid this sticky situation.

One of the simplest pick-me-ups is a spritz of fragrance. Miniatures are a great idea for your handbag and if you are a bit of a fragrance junkie it means you can try a few different perfumes, without breaking the bank. Also, many of our gift sets come with a miniature purse size version of the fragrance, so you can always take your signature scent with you. Another option to ensure you smell sweet all day is our Cosmetics Fragrance Direct atomisers. Pouring the desired amount of fragrance into an atomiser is a popular and economical choice.

Burt's Bees specialise in deeply hydrating products, such as their bees wax lip balms that quickly soothe and moisturize chapped lips. The winter weather can be cruel to lips, so applying a lip balm a few times a day will keep them looking lovely and polished.

Another of Clarins' endless list of miracle beauty products is their Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Keep a tube of this handy to maintain supple and smooth hands. The benefits of this product are endless, such as reducing age spots, improving nail growth and strength.

If you are one of many people with brittle and weak nails, you will know how uncomfortable it is to spend the day with a snagged nail that keeps catching on material. One of our Cosmetics Fragrance Direct nail files will smooth and shape in order to avoid painful tearing throughout the day.

Translucent powder is a trustworthy product to instantly eliminate shine and even out skin tone. A Physicians Formula mineral translucent powder compact is your best friend when it comes to touching up and can help you go from work time to play time effortlessly.

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