Michael Edwards inspires “Fleuressence”

Michael Edwards inspires “Fleuressence” - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

At Cosmetics Fragrance Direct, fragrance is our passion. So, we love to see how fragrance inspires others and were recently blown away when we saw David Jones' annual Spring Flower Shower. This year, the gorgeous show case of flowers was entitled, Fleuressence.

The windows of David Jones' Sydney store were adorned with stunning flower displays for the event. Fleuressence was inspired by the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel which displays the various classifications of fragrance such as soft floral, woody oriental and citrus. The Michael Edwards fragrance tool is a perfect summary of perfume and every fragrance will fit into one of the families on the wheel.

The Fragrance Wheel is integral to ensuring we provide our customers with the fragrance they are searching for. As there are countless fragrances and new perfumes being released constantly, we're thankful for Michael Edward's trustworthy tool.

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